Sunday, June 3, 2007

My first classroom

Last week I had the chance to tour the Ag building at my high school and.....(drum roll) classroom!! I still find it hard to believe that I have a classroom but I am so excited about it! While the classroom is bare right now, the walls will soon be covered with Arizona Ag posters and a bulletin board where pictures from the entire year will be posted. I'm pretty excited about decorating it:-)

The Ag building/facility is beautiful--so many resources that it is mind boggling. One of our assignments during a teacher prep course at UF involved designing our ideal Ag facility. Well, in all honesty this facility comes pretty darn close. The following is a list of resources that we have been blessed with:
  • The two classrooms have an air wall between that can be removed for larger, social functions.
  • Biotechnology lab
  • A computer lab for use only by our students
  • An office separate from the classrooms
  • A storage room...this may sound boring but storage space is definitely a commodity for any teacher, but especially Ag teachers!
  • A wonderfully large Ag shop where I will soon be teaching for half of each day
  • Greenhouse
  • A covered animal working facility where the annual Buckeye Ag Day is held
  • Several large tractors

As you can tell from the list, we have an enormous space and plenty of resources to keep us busy! I am beginning to think about the scope and sequence of my classes for this coming year, also know as what I will teach. I will post pictures of my classroom once I get it decorated in July.