Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Do you remember those old K-Mart commercials where the lady stood at the window and repeated "Open, open, open" until the store opened to customers? Well, the open I'm talking about isn't quite the same. I've been listening to this song called "Open Me" by Shawn McDonald. I've had the CD for several years now but it wasn't until last week that this song struck a chord in my heart. The lyrics follow:

"Would you open up my eyes so I can see? Would you open up my ears so I can hear? Would you open up my mind so I can know? Would you open up my heart so I can love you more?

"I want to serve You, my God. I want to give you everything. I want to serve You my king, I want to serve you my Lord, I want to give you everything.

"Here I am with my arms open wide. Asking for You to come up, up inside. Won't you make me new? Won't you make me true? Jesus, Lord, won't you make me like you?"

I've really been wanting to want Jesus more--kind of funny, wanting to want. Sometimes I struggle with even having the desire to want Jesus more. Do you? When I really break that thought down and try to picture what wanting Jesus more looks like, it's then that I get stuck. (That's usually what happens when I try to figure God out.) But this song really put it in perspective for me. Yes, I can want to want but I need to seek God out to help me see him, hear him, know him and love him more.

From the inside out, from the roots up, I want to become more like Jesus. I know my actions, attitude and words don't always portray that (not by God's standards they don't) and that is why I praise God for his mercies that are new each day. For his patience that has no end in sight. For his desire for me. It blows my mind to know that God wants me.

Anyway, this post is a bit off. I pray you honestly want to be more open to having God in your life. Like the crazy K-Mart lady--don't you just want to kneel at Christ's feet begging him to open up to you? To pour himself into you? To make himself known to you? Ask him to open you up.