Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday's Beef Fact

Hello faithful followers! Heellloooo? Anyone there? I guess I will find out after a four month absence from the blogging world! I am going to make an effort to blog, slowly but surely.

One {new} goal I have for my blog is to utilize this as a forum for beef education and advocacy...go figure, right? I've realized that there is much that I do not know about beef,even as a ranch raised gal, so I figure that there are many others like myself.

Today's Inaugural Monday Beef Fact
Kobe beef is an ultra-premium beef that comes from regions surrounding Kobe, Japan. For centuries, Wagyu cattle were used for rice cultivation, however, in recent times the cattle have been cultivated as a source of beef.

According to legend, Japanese Kobe beef is massaged with sake wine, fed beer and raised listening to soft music. It is said that this is the secret to the perfect Japanese Kobe beef. Kobe beef is loaded with high amounts of fat that makes it practically melt as you eat it. To achieve these levels of fat, Wagyu cattle are fattened longer than American cattle, 26-32 months compared to our average of 18.

You can purchase American grown Kobe beef, however you must know it is breathtakingly expensive. Two 16-ounce ribeyes can cost upwards of $100.