Saturday, June 6, 2015

May 2015, in pictures

Just when I thought I found some margin in my life to blog on occasion, I was reminded that life is but a series of seasons.  And seasons in parenthood come and go sometimes as often as we change our socks.  So, I am trying to find some sort of balance so that I can blog on occasion because it is something that definitely "fills my tank". 

May was a beautiful month full of mild weather that brought lots of time outdoors to play and visit.  I am so glad I had children because they have reminded me how much I love being outside.  I had to keep reminding myself to take advantage of the high 80's and low 90's this month because triple digits were certainly around the corner.  

Katherine no longer takes a morning nap, however, she forces the issue when she has a huge tantrum and then passes out on the floor.  I could have started a series this month on places that Katherine slept, on mostly tile surfaces.  In this particular photo she was found sleeping outside my bathroom door by a pile of laundry!

Richard is eating pureed foods and table foods like a boss!  He got to taste his first strawberry and loved it.  I LOVE the way his sweet little baby hands grip onto things.
On our way north for Mother's Day weekend, Anna's and my crews were able to have brunch with the Smith-Zimmerman-Hobson bunch.  I'm so glad I know these sweet friends and I love watching all our kids play!  Tammie made liege waffles and they were amazing.  Day made right there.

We found ourselves in jackets once we arrived in Cottonwood on Mother's Day weekend.  It was chilly!  

HB and Bassie enjoyed their cake at the Gracie and Pete's celebratory lunch following their first communion.  
The hubby was working on Mother's Day, but we enjoyed breakfast out with my mother-in-law.  Meals out with three children are still daunting but my trio did pretty well this morning.  I declared it was time to go though after HB jumped over the back of our booth into the empty booth behind me.  

May has also brought a lot of interesting messes compliments of HB.  This particular concoction occurred during naptime when I dozed off while nursing Richard.  Chef HB cut up a stick of butter with child safety scissors, dumped a whole bottle of sweet relish, cut open several packets of tea and squeezed a nearly new bottle of strawberry flavored toothpaste into this bowl.  Next time he can hold the toothpaste (wink, wink)!

Richard turned 7 months old and is now officially closer to being a toddler than a newborn!  Can I go cry for a second? He is still the sweetest, most mild mannered baby ever.  And he has the most squeezable thighs to boot!

We celebrated Katherine's second birthday with a weanie roast (hot dogs, bratwursts, and smoked sausage) and this delectable leaning tower of chocolate cake, nutella, whipped cream and strawberries.  It actually fell over in the fridge but it still tasted amazing.  She really loved opening her presents this year and made the cutest gasps of delight when pulling tissue paper out of bags.

My Dad received his honorary Doctorate of Science from the University of Arizona.  It was really neat to watch him get hooded on stage in front of roughly 30,000 people in the football stadium.  Receiving this award was a neat blessing for all his hours of volunteer work and advocacy on behalf of the University.