Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Fabulous First Day

Drum roll please....I survived my first day!! It actually went by very fast--my feet and my throat hurt but don't you worry, I'll be ready for 'em again tomorrow! I have been blessed with very manageable class sizes (21, 11, 10, 20, 24) and aside from one class, I think everyone will be pretty darn cooperative.

I am definitely still in the honeymoon stage of this whole affair. Actually, let me describe that differently. I am naturally optimistic and the glass is always 90% full, so I have a feeling that things will continue to be great. I have a great custodian who cleans my room, the other Ag teacher is funny and warm, and I have been blessed with a wonderful CTE director both at the school and district levels. I am so thankful that I am here and am confident that God opened this specific door for me.

I opened escrow on the second house that I made an offer on on August 10th; the sellers want to complete everything pretty quickly and we are planning to close on August 22. I just may spend my first night on an air mattress in the living room:-) My parents and I (and anyone else who doesn't mind moving boxes) will be helping me move on that Saturday. I am so excited about this--again, God has blessed this venture. My brother found the house and everything else has fell into place.