Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Junky Car Club

Have you ever wondered what you could with the extra money you would have if you learned to live on less? I have, but it's not usually for the benefit of anyone but myself. I find myself selfishly dreaming of all the things I could do with the extra money I'd have if I could only refinance my home mortgage. These dreams usually revolve around doing something to the interior of my home-new window treatments, new decorations, maybe even a new drip irrigation system for the one my puppy just ripped out. If I ever happen upon extra money, the drip system will definitely have to wait until my puppy (hopefully) grows out of this stage.

Anyway, refocus with me back to the subject of this particular blog. I recently read about the Junky Car Club, a group that encourages people to drive older vehicles that are paid for so they can give their money to those in need. I have heard lots of talk lately about little ways to save money, but this is definitely a big way that could benefit someone else. Think about it-our culture encourages us, practically begs us, to have the biggest, bestest or newest. This is a great way to go against what our culture says and live out the what Christ has asked us to do.

What do you have, that you could give up, sale, or trade-in so that you might help someone who has gone without?

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