Monday, September 7, 2009

Destructive Doggies

Anna and I came home late Saturday afternoon after handing out samples of beef at the Phoenix Cooks! culinary event; we handed out well over 1,000 samples of a beef chimichurri. The event was awesome and I am so glad Anna asked me to help; not only was it fun to promote beef but on my breaks I got to sample other food and drink that was to die for. I will recount my two favorites before divulging my destructive dog story.

Favorite #1: Chilled Mango Soup
The chilled soup included strawberry, mint and basil (I think...correct me if I'm wrong Anna/Gretchen). Not a combination I would have put together but it was phenomenal. It was served in a plastic shot glass with a dollop of cream. So good in fact I had to go back for seconds. This was served by The Sanctuary at Camelback Mountain.

Favorite #2: Ahi Tuna-Avocado Appetizer
I'm not actually sure what the official name was but it was amazing. From a distance it looked like diced tomatoes with a scoop of chunky guacomole on top and garnished with a crispy cracker. When Gretchen and I bit into this we both knew it was not tomatoes--Gerti knew before I was marinated Ahi Tuna. A-maz-ing. This was served by Tommy Bahama restaruant.

Okay, onto another crazy Jonnie-Reb (JR) story. After we came home, Anna sat down at the table to eat and I was headed back into the garage to unload more stuff out of Anna's car. As I stepped outside, I heard Anna say "Oh, no." I immediately knew that the dogs had done something they shouldn't. When I say dogs, this includes JR's sister, Lucy, who is owned by Patrick. The picture below is what I saw when I looked outside. Please note that the debris is dead plants (3 hibiscus plants and my beautiful mexican petunia) and the planter was full when I left that morning.

I just don't get it. I honestly thought they would be less destructive because they had each other. Not true. Another thing I don't get:

Does anything look pleasant or appetizing about that spiky plant? I know it hurts like heck when it stabs me everytime I weed eat around it. I don't understand how my dog chews on this thing every day.

Here's a shot of the two yahoos playing tug-o-war with an uprooted hibiscus plant. Forgive its fuzzy nature, I took it through the screen on the window.

Despite being destructive, I adore these two dogs. Jonnie Reb is so fun and Lucy is very sweet. I am fully committed at this point though to NOT replace any plants in my backyard until JR grows up a bit. I figure I'll get a better return on my investment that way.


The Hursts said...

Our house is on three lots, so we have a pretty nice size backyard. We have none- zip zero zilch plants in our backyard because of our dogs. We HAD some heather planted, along with a big grassy bush (??) and a row of decorative grasses bordering a pretty little landscaped area. My dog, Millie, runs 100mph (approximately) into, through, and on top of all plants and then proceeds to tear them apart looking for the unfortunate lizard that might be hiding within the vegetation. I feel ya, sister!

Anonymous said...

our puppy is 8 months old and totally leaves the plants my husband landscaped half our yard with alone.....only because she has plenty of HER TOYS to play with....try getting lots of toys for your pups - they are adorable too!!