Thursday, May 27, 2010

Memorial Day Memories

Two years ago, Anna and I set out for Taos, New Mexico over the Memorial Day weekend. The trip was part of my college graduation gift to my sister and it included white water rafting down the Rio Grande. We drove through snow in Flagstaff as we merged from Interstate 17 to the I-40 which was crazy considering it was almost June. The trip was awesome and since then have pledged to make an annual sister's trip somewhere...which leads me to this year's trip: a road trip to Texas for a wedding with plenty of visiting with family and friends on the way there and back. We leave tomorrow for Grants, New Mexico where we will stay with our great aunt and uncle, Flora and Frank. Saturday we are headed to Clarendon, Texas for our friend, Alix's, wedding. Sunday will take us to Lubbock to have lunch with Ty and Whitney and dinner with Jennifer in Roswell. Monday will be all driving! I know life will continue to change and get busier, but I am so thankful that my sister and I have agreed to make time for each other a priority each year. I'll be sure to post some fun pictures once we return.
Also, since it is Memorial Day weekend, I wanted to say thank you to all United States veterans and current military personnel. I appreciate your commitment and service to our country, knowing the sacrifice that is required. I pray you are safe in your service and that your family has peace as you are away.


Jennifer said...

Ya'll drive safe! :)

Anna said...

KATY! You are not supposed to post information like this! What if someone starts stalking us!!!?!?!?!