Monday, November 7, 2011

Miscellany Monday

In an effort to blog more (twice in almost two weeks, what?) I am going to make my first Miscellany Monday post today. I don't know how to link to the Lowercase Letters blog other than creating a hyperlink like I just did. Can anyone help this technologically disabled, in a constant rush person??

1. My hubby and I drove to Lubbock, Texas this weekend on a whirlwind trip to pick up 10 of our ewes from another club lamb breeder. They had spent 42 days in with some rams and we are excited to see the babies they produce come March. I LOVED the time locked up with my hubby in a truck because we had lots of great time to visit however I don't recommend driving 13 hours straight and then turning around immediately and doing the same thing to get home.

2. We bought a colt! Wright Club Lambs officially now has a cattle and horse division although I don't know if 2 heifers and 1 colt qualifies as "divisions." I will post a picture of "Dib" our almost yearling Quarter horse soon.

3. I think a pack of hungry coyotes made off with one of my chickens this morning:( Not really sure though since I don't actually keep a head count on our poultry "division." I just hunt down eggs in all the odd places they lay them. I guess I'd rather lose a chicken than a sheep though.


Anna said...

Haha, I love all the "divsions" :)

LeAnna said...

Darned coyotes!

The Hursts said...

and I guess you'll be adding a children's division soon too, right?!