Thursday, December 22, 2011

Picture Highlights from Last Week

School is officially out for Christmas Break and this teacher is super excited for a chance to clean house (exciting, I know), sleep in a little, and see family and friends. While I look forward to the coming festivities, I wanted to share a couple of highlights from the past week though.

Hubby and I traveled north last Friday and I got to spend Saturday morning baking with my beautiful Grandma. She is visiting from Montana and I was glad for the chance to finally hang out with her. I was dying to make gingerbread cookies so she acted as Executive Chef and supervised my work!

After my baking session was complete, hubby and I headed to Sedona for the wedding of a long time friend from my hometown. Sedona is beautiful at anytime of year but a little chilly for an outdoor wedding a week before Christmas. Some of you have been asking for a picture of the baby bump, this is as close as you'll get until the next time I post pictures.

My thoughtful sister gave me a certificate for a cake decorating class as a bridal shower gift last spring and we finally had the chance to redeem it! After I finished my last day of school on Tuesday we met for a quick dinner and then sat down for an hour and a half of instruction on using fondant. We both felt like we should have taken notes but after leaving we both feel more comfortable decorating a small cake with fondant. Check out my cute little winter themed cake below - I didn't have a plan when I started but the snowflakes turned out well and I love my little snowman!


Anna said...

Had so much fun with you sister! Can't wait to put our new fondant skills to work :)

Jennifer said...

Your cake is cute! And wow, the scenery is beautiful in the Sedona pic!