Monday, December 3, 2012

December festivities!

Our good friends, the Copeland's, met us in Cottonwood this past weekend to welcome December with some great family friendly winter activities.  We started the day by watching the Cottonwood Christmas Parade in my mom's "secret" spot which truly was an awesome location.  We parked about five minutes from the very start of the parade and got to sit in the shade and had the view all to ourselves - no one was even blocking us!  Although HB was sleep deprived after missing his morning nap and fell asleep in my lap, Jeremy and Rebekah's daughters loved the parade.  Enjoy the few pictures I remembered to take this weekend.

Rebekah, Miss S and Brandy

Jeremy and Miss E

Hubby, HB and I
My sweet mom watched the two babies while the adults and two older girls went on the Cottonwood Chocolate Walk.  What's not to love about an event where you get to sample 40 different pieces of chocolate in a charming, restored Old Town area?  We all enjoyed the chocolate but I think we were all especially ready for the hamburgers, chili and grilled cheeses we enjoyed afterwards!

Kelly and I are both so grateful to have great friends like the Copeland's and only wish they lived closer.  God has been so kind and generous in blessing us with fellowship like this - we are especially grateful for friends at this time of year.  Happy December to all of you!

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Jennifer said...

Good friends are such a blessing!