Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ode to Cotton

I felt compelled to write an ode to cotton after forgetting a towel on an FFA overnight trip last weekend. I took students up to the White Mountains in eastern Arizona for an FFA ski trip. We stayed on the campus of Round Valley High School and slept on the oh-so comfy floor of their football dome. Staying in a high school sports facility kind of requires you bring everything you need to survive, or at least get ready in the morning:-) Needless to say, I forgot a towel so after washing my face off that morning I found myself drying my face off with...toilet paper! Nothing is quite as refreshing as seeing your sleep deprived face in the mirror to pick off the pieces of toilet paper.

Ode to Cotton

You're so cuddly and clean
Absorbent and nice
I love drying my face off with you

You don't leave tiny pieces of paper behind
You don't fall apart in my hands
I love drying my face off with you

I hope to never forget you again
Magnificent fiber that makes the world go 'round
I love drying my face off with you


Janette's Joys said...

HAHAHAHA that is so great:)

Katy Groseta said...


This moment truly captures me at my best...being a great, big dork!