Friday, September 14, 2012

Fall is in the air...kind of

Nightime lows in Buckeye have been in the 70's folks and there's only one thing that can mean.  Fall is definitely in the air!  I say that with a smile on my face because I know that is far from true Fall weather but for those of us living in the Phoenix metro area nightime lows less than 85 degrees are a blessing.  I am eager to pull out my pumpkins, scarecrows and candy corn to begin decorating but am trying to hold off until October.  Oh wait, did I say candy corn?  I meant to say I can't wait to begin snacking on that.

In an effort to keep family and friends updated as well as utilize my blog as a sort of "family history" over time, I will be trying to post Wright Family Updates once in awhile. I hope you enjoy the pictures included with this edition. I started placing a blanket by our sliding glass door and placing HB on it as I worked on my laptop once in awhile. He absolutely loves looking outside especially when a member of our animal menagerie saunters by. I know the quality of this picture isn't that great but I love that you can see the outline of my sweet son's body and one of our roosters outside. Brandy is also becoming better and better at helping with HB especially when dinner time rolls around and he just wants to be held but momma's hands are full. In the second picture, Brandy was "studying" her flashcards for an English quiz although I'm not sure how effective her studying was while she held that smiling little boy.

Brandy is still really enjoying high school which is nice because the novelty of this new season of her life has not worn off. She has good teachers but really enjoys her Ag class and her English teacher. For those of you with an FFA background you'll appreciate this next update - she has been furiously studying the FFA creed so she can recite it from memory. In her class competition last week she was one of two to earn a spot at the chapter wide contest in October. It is fun to watch her get involved since both Kelly and I were FFA members in high school. The high school's homecoming is two weeks away - apparently there is a young man that wants to ask her but she has told us she would rather "just go with her girlfriends." Cute:)

HB is now four and a half months and still growing like a weed. He goes down for naps with minimal fussing and now I am working on scheduling naptimes so I can have a bit more consistency to my day. We are still working on introducing baby food although we are sticking to rice cereal until he learns to swallow better. He had some quality time with Aunt Anna yesterday so I could get a pedicure before having lunch with her. They must have had a great time because he took an extra long nap this morning!

Kelly and I have recovered from our lamb sale last month and are working on selling our final lambs through private treaty sales. Kelly is still busy as ever picking up loads of spent grain on his four days off from three different breweries in the Valley; the six heifers we have in Buckeye LOVE this and so do our sheep. We are sub-30 days and counting for the close of our escrow period for the property we made an offer on in Cottonwood. We are hopeful it will close and are looking forward to getting the permit process going so we can beging building a house. We have been working with a general contractor in Buckeye (I taught three of his children in the Ag program) to finalize our floor plan. For any of you cooks and food-lovers out there, feel free to leave my some ideas for your dream kitchen as a comment on this post. I am trying to compile all ideas and utilize the space in our floor plan for my dream kitchen - so fun!


LeAnna said...

That little man of yours is a doll. Love all his hair! Oooh, a dream kitchen! A huge walk-in pantry would be my dream. A place to put everything in one location, including all of those kitchen gadgets that take up so much space. I think it would be neat to have an ice maker in the pantry, too, with a little sink and coffee maker area. Something to keep the kitchen counter decluttered.

agrocks said...

You have so many wonderful things in the works! Blessings!!

Jennifer said...

Love that your posting regular again!!!
Stainless steal counter tops would be awesome.. or at least an island with stainless steel.