Wednesday, October 3, 2012

September in Pictures

I had lots of ideas for blogging through the end of September but somehow ran out of time.  I thought I'd do a "month in review" through pictures though so I can fill in some of the gaps that I didn't blog about. 

Kelly and HB enjoying the little ditch that runs through my parent's property.  We made a quick trip to Cottonwood to look at the property we have in escrow.
Brandy got asked to the BUHS Homecoming dance by a young man.  Here's how our conversation went:

Dad and Mom: How do you know this young man?
Brandy: Oh, well, we eat lunch with the same group of friends.
Mom: What's his last name?
Brandy: I don't know.

Kelly and I laughed - oh how the definition of "knowing" someone has changed.
HB "playing" with his cousin Bassie (he is three months older than HB) when my sister had us over for dinner.  They remind me of dinosaurs as they slowly reach out to each other.  Once HB can crawl, their playtime will be more real.

Amanda, one of my best friends from college, got to meet HB for the first time!  We live in her hometown so thankfully we can sneak in visits when she comes home to visit family.  It was SO good to see her.  It was also really special to share my son with her.
After 16 years at the City of Chandler's Fire Station 3, Kelly bid his company goodbye and started a new chapter at Station 9.  Thus far the change has brought (slightly) slower shifts and fewer trainings because he is now only on a TRT (technical rescue team) where he used to be both on a TRT and HAZMAT team at Station 3.  Pictured above is his former company on their last day at Station 3 with their multiple rigs: (L-R) Mario Maldonado, Kelly, Bryan Warne and Britt Burns.
HB loves bathtime!  His hair was so long that I loved shaping it.  The "cupie doll" look is one of my favorites.