Wednesday, October 31, 2012

HB at 6 months

I can't believe six months have already gone by - it seems just like it was last month that we were loading up to head home from the hospital with our first born.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a full time stay at home wife and mom now; this new season of my life has been rewarding and I am so so glad to be able to witness the rapid changes in my son's growth and development.  I want to savor the sweet things he is doing and each milestone that we reach.  I record as many details as I can in his baby calendar but here are a few of my favorite memories so far as well as a few favorite pictures from the past month or so.

HB -
  • You abhor baby food.  I think I try to hard to push this new stage on you but I'm sure we'll eventually make it through.  Until then, here's to many messy bibs, clothes and high chair trays.
  • You are sitting up so well now.  I absolutely delight in this.  You look so big and independent as you sit on your blanket in the living room and reach for toys.  You also have started sitting up in the tub and we have to be extra careful to keep you from baby swan diving into the water as you lunge for your floating rubber ducky.
  • You love going outside and looking at all the livestock.  You especially love Johnnie Reb (momma's Queensland Heeler).  You laugh when she retrieves the ball or frisbee and comes back.  You think she is doing it especially for you.  She has figured out how to throw her ball or frisbee into the foot compartment of the stroller.
  • Momma is obsessed with your feet.  They are so cute!  She always calls them "stinky feet" and then kisses them.  You laugh every time. 
  • You now have your two bottom center teeth and look absolutely adorable.  Momma and Daddy could do without the accompanying crankiness, but again, this too shall pass.  With teething we have come to learn you pretty much hate anything going in your mouth and this includes Tylenol, teething tablets and Orajel.  Momma feels like she is wrestling an alligator as she tries to give you something to relieve the pain.
  • We started going to story time at the library once a week and you love this!  You grunt and giggle the entire time and your little arms are swinging around like a windmill as you watch and listen.  {Thanks Emily for inviting us!}
  • You are starting to show more and more of your likes and dislikes for certain things - you enjoy the swing but hate being buckled in.  You also don't mind sitting in your carseat but hate the actual strapping in part.  You grab the five point harness and start biting it and grunting/growling.  It's quite humorous and a bit challenging now to get you strapped in.
  • Your smile is contagious and so is your laugh.  You bring light and laughter to our home and family.  Thank you for being the joy that you already are and will continue to be.  We love you baby boy.

Having lunch with Grandpa G and cousin Bassie.

Learning to sit in the high chair.  Dinner time is much more fun having a "seat" at the table!

Helping momma with laundry.

Attempting to eat sweet potatoes.  I think more ended up on your bib.

The official 6-month photo.  Happy fall!


LeAnna said...

Oh my word, he is adorable! And his hair! Ahhh! Love it.

Anonymous said...

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