Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Easter 2013

When asked what my favorite holiday is I used to reply Thanksgiving or the 4th of July; now however, I love to share why Easter is.  Celebrating the birth of Christ at Christmas is equally as important to our story as Christians as is celebrating the death and resurrection of Christ at Easter.  However, as I've grown in my walk with Christ I have come to see the significance of Christ's death and the need for His death so that I may claim His victory over sin and death as my own.  I am so thankful that we can proclaim that Christ is risen, and victory is mine and yours!

I missed the photo opportunity on Easter to snap a few picture of our family in front a beautiful blooming cherry tree at my mom dad's but here are a few photos to recap the Easter week, and weekend.

We enjoyed another awesome play date with some friends at a park in Buckeye complete with an Easter egg hunt!  HB wasn't too keen on the actual hunting part but sure enjoyed chewing on and shaking the eggs!
I made little "bird nest" goodie bags for my family; the nest was made of marshmallow coated chow mein noodles, and included Reese's peanut butter eggs and peeps.  I downloaded the cute tags from
Grandpa and Grandma enjoying some laptime with HB while we waited on lunch.
HB engaging in his first "egg cracking war" with Grandpa and cousin D.  This is an old tradition that my grandparents from Croatia first shared and I used to enjoy as a kid.  Now it's fun to watch my dad play with all the grandkids.
Grandpa with (almost) all of his grandkids.  We missed my sister's boy on Easter but look forward to celebrating with him next year!

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