Saturday, April 27, 2013

HB is one!

My sweet firstborn  son is one, sigh.  I can't believe how incredibly fast 365 days went.  We had a birthday lunch for our dear boy last weekend (cake eating pictures to come, I promise) and I hung up his monthly chair pictures for family to see.  He has grown so much!  The growth and development of a child is truly breathtaking and I praise God for the chance to see this on a daily basis in my own son.

Here's a list of his current accomplishments and milestones:
  • Most notably, walking.  He took his first couple of steps two days before Easter and has since then has (almost) taken off running.  He now walks around the house in circles:)  He has so much fun walking I just love watching him. 
  • He has started giving little shoulder cuddles, as I call them.  He puts an arm over my shoulder and lays his head down.  So. sweet.
  • Started wearing hard soled shoes - okay, this isn't really a milestone, but it is new and different for my little man:) He doesn't really like them...yet...but I thought a little more support for his cute feet would be good now that he is walking. 
  • More independent play.  This is certainly a blessing in my book.  Walking has brought on even more independence in his life and more than once a day he walks himself into another room to start playing.  He has a little Fischer Price chair that my friend Licia passed down to us and I set it in the corner of the dining room where I work on my laptop.  He loves to sit down in his "office" as I call it, look at our sliding glass door and talk, talk, talk.  Again, so cute.
  • Waving!  His chubby little fingers fold in half to his palm and open again.  It's so cute (have I used that word enough?).  He even does it two handed sometimes when we start getting fancy around here.
  • He loves to clap and does it to show excitement or to entertain himself while I change his diaper.  He isn't much for clapping upon request, he likes to initiate this on his own. 

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The Hursts said...

Wow, that was fast! Happy Birthday, HB!