Friday, February 21, 2014

Hormones in Beef

{Beef} Facts Friday: Hormones in Beef

Did you know that there are hormones in the plant and animal material we consume?  Regardless of whether it is organic or conventionally produced, humans today consume hormones on a daily basis.  That cabbage you had last night in coleslaw?  You bet.  The chicken in your burrito from Chipotle today for lunch?  Definitely.  And the steak you plan on grilling tomorrow night?  For sure.

Many consumers have been frightened by the fact that people eat hormones, and typically feel safer when a company advertises that their products are "hormone free."  This is false advertising at it's best because no food is without hormones.  Also, when I was teaching high school agriculture, I often had students share with me that they didn't eat this or that because they didn't want to eat chicken that was pumped with hormones.  Chicken and pork producers in the US are not permitted to use hormones in their production practices.  It is an illegal practice.

In an effort to keep today's Beef Fact Friday short, I will refer you to this short article written at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln for additional information.  In closing, you can feel safe eating the food you do!  Remember, get the facts before you help spread rumors that are based on scaring consumers into making food choices based on false information!

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Amy Gerak said...

Thanks for this! I am going to print the article and read it!! :)