Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I am thankful for...

  • My friends, family, and the fellowship of my many. Often times I sense God's favor most when I am reminded of the wonderful relationships that I am blessed with. God has shown me that he values relationships and I am trying to become more relationship focused rather than being so occupied with being productive and efficient all the time.
  • Having access to the world's safest, most abundant and most affordable food supply. Isn't it wonderful the confidence we have each time we enter the grocery store. Yes, I would like to see more American grown products in the super market, but I am confident that the food I consume is safe above all else.
  • My students!! (and my job:)) Regardless of anything else in my life right now, I feel so blessed to have the students I do. I pray that I am able to develop a meaningful teacher-student relationship with each one. I pray that not only do they process the technical content I teach but more importantly I pray that they feel valued in my classroom. With the ever-changing landscape of demands upon teachers, it is easy to lose sight of my objective in teaching. I want to develop considerate, kind young people who know how to think on their feet and make good decisions regardless of the topic or situation.
  • God! I couldn't be more blessed, truly and honestly. I am a child of the living God. I have hope because of Jesus. In all things, through all things, despite all things, I can approach each day with a renewed sense of purpose and meaning because I know that God is in control and works for the good of those who believe in him. Praise God for his goodness and mercy!


Brian Estevez said...

I am thankful for you!!!

The 4 Rohrers said...

I am thankful for you, too! You always make me smile!