Saturday, March 14, 2009

Brazil from Bonito

It is day number three in Brazil and all is well! We´ve done so much already in such little time that it will be hard to share all that we´ve done. Do not fear though because I will post more later if I get a chance. Here´s a quick recap-

Day 1-Thursday
I arrived at 9am in Sao Paulo and waited for Kir and Mandy to arrive. We made it through customs just fine and checked in for a connecting flight to Campo Grande, a smaller city (about 700,000) west of Sau Paulo. We arrived around 3, got picked up by Joe and he drove us to the Pantanal. Pantanal in portuguese means swamp. We arrived at our pousada (kind of a hotel) around 9:30pm and had a late dinner--the best beans I have ever had! We went to bed early because we knew we had a big day on Friday.

Day 2-Friday
Our guide Rone (pronounced Honee) took us on a drive, went hiking for about four hours by foot, had lunch at a little fazenda (ranch/farm) and then went horseback riding. God totally provided great weather--it rained in the morning and then was overcast the rest of the day. The day ended with another great dinner and then a spotlighting boat tour on the Miranda River which is about 100 feet from our doorstep.

Day 3-Saturday
After breakfast we went out on the river again. It was beautiful. The sun was out and it was great. We saw lots of birds and a caiman (smaller gator) up close. We parked the boat at the place where the Miranda and the Red river joined to fish for piranha. We all caught several and little did we know we´d get to eat the for lunch later. After packing up and saying good bye to the best Pantanal guide ever, we loaded back up with Joe and he drove us south to Bonita a popular vacation spot for Brazilians. We had a great dinner--caiman (gator), wild pig, and copicava (water pig). It was all really good.

Love to you all! Sorry I didn´t upload any pictures, I forgot my cord. All three of us are feeling good so far--besides some hornet stings on Amanda and Kir from our hike. Pray for Mandi because she got stung on her forehead. Big hugs...


The Hursts said...

Katy!!! That sounds like so much fun! What kind of trip is this? I'm very interested...Jimmy and I are celebrating our 5 year anniversary in July and would like to do something extra travel! I want more details!

Katy Groseta said...

Hey Em! Brazil is awesome--it is just a 10 day backpacking trip with my 2 best friends from undergrad. We all live in different states now so we flew down seperately and met up in Sao Paolo. I had no idea what Brazil would be like but it has totally exceeded my expectations. There are lots of great places to visit, and we´ve met lots of great tour guides and companies. Let´s talk more when I return and I´ll give you the scoop!