Sunday, March 29, 2009

Johnnie Reb

I will be getting a puppy for my very own this April!! The Puppy Express (a.k.a. my friend Sarah) stopped by tonight with Janie and her litter of five Queensland Heeler pups. I picked out a blue female that has a blue eye for myself and a blue male for my dad. The puppy with the red collar is my dad's and the puppy with the blue collar is mine. I'm sorry they're not very good. I tried uploading videos tonight but had some issues. You'll have to settle for photos for the time being. Oh yeah, I think I'm gonna name my puppy Johnnie Reb. There's no good reason behind it. I'm just gonna do it and I have a feeling the name will fit. You can call her Reb for short.


Anonymous said...

You inspire me! I love you!
Rayanne (YOM)

Christy said...

I love how your puppy, Johnnie Reb, is so cute and round! I think she already shares your affinity for food! Wish you guys lived closer so she and Maggie could have play dates!