Thursday, June 4, 2009

Good bye calend-grrr

One requirement of my job as an Ag teacher is to complete SAE visits for each student. I also like to call SAE visits "home visits" because I visit the home or work place of the student to check the progress of their project that they are required to have as a part of my class. I was out in Palo Verde this afternoon visiting a pair of freshmen siblings that I had this past year and I brought my puppy along with me because I had several more visits to complete later that evening. Johnnie Reb did really well at this particular place because they had several horses and calves around. She was in heaven because of the abundant manure. After visiting with the brother outside I put Johnnie Reb back inside the cab of the truck so I could see the educational display that the other student had completed inside the house. Twenty minutes later I go outside to retrieve my pup. As I approach the truck I see she has some paper hanging out of her mouth. I silently get after myself for leaving a letter out thinking she has torn it up.

Little did I know that this is what I would find when I opened the planner!! She got a couple of good mouthfuls out of this week and the next couple of weeks. I told Anna about this and as she was driving home she called me to share her thoughts on what was going through Johnnie Reb's head: "Where's that calendar? That schedule of hers is always taking her away from me. Well take this. (bite, tear, swallow) And this. Grrrr. Rip. Shred."

This is Johnnie post calendar massacre. Real innocent? I think not. Her middle name spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

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The Hursts said...

This is hilarious! How could you punish such a sweet, innocent (looking) pup? Precious!