Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Something I can't live without

Besides God, nothing else is truly essential to my life. I do however like to think that seeing sunrises and sunsets are essential. It's wierd. I'm so drawn to these events each day. I delight in seeing them as if God created each one specially for me. I am also very partial to Arizona's and wish I could say that they are truly the most dramatic. I willingly concede this point only because I myself have witnessed sunsets equally impressive in places like Omaha, Key West and Gainesville. I don't know why I crave seeing them but I do know that are a generous gift from God and perfectly depict his creativity through color. I hope you enjoy this picture of a sunset at Picacho Peak and in it are reminded of God's power, glory and goodness in giving us gifts such as this.


Brian Estevez said...

I love it!!!

The Hursts said...

Wow, I've seen some great sunsets off of Florida beaches, but nothing like this. I can't even imagine that landscape! That was awesome! Thanks for sharing!