Monday, June 29, 2009

Gopher poop

I've been in my classroom for most of the afternoon today with the intention of working on writing lesson plans for the Ag business curriculum I am incorporating into my animal science class this fall. I've been halfway productive but I definitely felt the need to share something with all three of my blog readers. It's so gross, so disturbing that I can't pass this moment up.

I just returned from taking Jonnie Reb to go potty outside...yep, that's right from the mild heat of an Arizona. Okay, so 112 probably isn't considered mild. Temperature aside though, Jonnie immediately found some gopher poop to eat. Or at least I thought it was gopher poop. After she chewed up that little doggie delicacy she found another pile of it. Meanwhile I'm standing in the shade of my building gagging, and begging her to quit being so gross so she can hurry up and go potty. She has this innate ability to locate and devour piles of poop like this.

The wierd thing about is not that I'm drawn to blogging about this subject, but that it totally doesn't gross me out when she eats cow manure at home. In fact, I encourage her to do so. Cow manure to a puppy is like otter pups to a child. Anyway, there is something just downright wrong about eating unidentified (gopher?) poop.

Okay, that's it. I feel better now that that is off my chest. Thanks for bearing with me. I hope you come back and read my blog again. I promise never to blog about gopher poop again. I swear.


The Hursts said...

I was okay until you said you encourage her to eat cow manure. What's up with that?? Encourage is such a strong word to associate with poop eating!

Eric and Katee said...

I love reading your blog! it hits my emotions at the right time! today, you have made me laugh!

un platano said...

haha that's funny...I didn't think gophers were capable of leaving "piles" of poop they're quite small creatures.