Friday, January 25, 2013

HB at 9 months

HB was 9 months old this week!  Time has flown by and I can't believe that he is already three quarters of the way to being one year old!  Reflecting back on my life instead of his for a moment, I never imagined children of my own in my future.  Although I have always loved kids, they were something I never expected from God.  I am so grateful for the chance to be a mama, and a stay at home one at that.  I am surprised daily by the joy HB brings me even in the smallest things he does.  Praise God for His good gifts.

HB's classic 9 month photo taken in his great, great, great grandfather's rocking chair. He's working on growing into his first straw hat!
In an effort to be remembered as a part of my son's childhood, I make an effort to be in one photo per month.  This was January's "momma and HB" photo.  Baby sister is still baking, quite happily, at 23 weeks.
Hubby has had Kolby, one of our guardian dogs, for close to 16 years now.  He's passed his working days of guarding our flock of 50 ewes but is really great with Brandy and HB.  I wanted to make sure we got some pictures with them together before we don't have the chance anymore.
Our daily lives are not complete and certainly not as joyful without big sister Brandy.  Momma and Daddy seem more like chopped liver when she is around.  HB lights up as soon as she walks in a room.
My firstborn son,

I am so grateful for you.  I love playing with you at this age; you love turning the pages on your books over, and over, and over.  You have started nodding your head "no" although you don't really associate the word with the action.  It is quite cute though, especially when you do it as we are strapping you into your carseat.  You love being outdoors especially because it allows you to stare up at the Cottonwood trees and look at the leaves as they rustle in the wind.  The chickens, especially our white rooster, captivate you whether you are up close or looking through the windows.

Eating has become even more fun at mealtimes now that you participate.  Although you'd rather stand in your high chair, you sure enjoy apple slices, tomatoes, bananas and avocados.  Eating from a spoon isn't quite as fun but you tolerate it.  You love your sippy cup too and often raise it over your head in victory, like you just won an eating tournament.  You are absolutely adorable too as you chew your food; I have loved watching you learn to chew.

You are proficient at crawling and I love the independence this has brought you.  You crawl really fast after your sister and anytime you see the door open up to the outside.  When you get really excited as you crawl you grunt and huff and puff.  You are making all kinds of new sounds, the most exciting of which is "da" - when you say enough "da's" together it sounds like you are calling your Dad.

I love you son.  I look forward to the awesome ways that God will continue to grow and develop you both physically and mentally.  I am already amazed.



Jennifer said...

He's just as cute as a button! And your looking good! :)
I'm so happy for you, and your lil' family!
Is Kolby a Pyrenees? We had one, and she was so sweet!

Katy said...

Yes, he is a Pyrenees. As I typed this post the name of his breed evaded me. Total pregnancy brain!