Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Whatcha having for leftovers Wednesday?

It's only the second Wednesday of 2013 that I've attempted to post a recipe for "Whatcha having for dinner Wednesday" and I have already switched things up by asking what you're having for leftovers!  I love leftovers.  I can't help it.  In part it's my frugal nature that draws me to eating the same thing over and over until there are no more leftovers to be had.  I'm grateful that my hubby tolerates my creative meal mixing as I attempt to utilize leftovers in a variety of ways.  I also love a meal that gets better as leftovers.  You know, when the seasonings really have a chance to meld and harmonize?

In an attempt to clean out our fridge and stretch our grocery budget a bit we had leftovers tonight.  My sweet friend Licia kept HB on Monday so I could rest, run errands, etc. and made us dinner as well.  In fact, she made so much that we had her yummy meal on Monday and tonight - it was a shredded pork mix with black beans and kidney beans.  Yummy!  We made our own version of Chipotle's burrito bowl tonight complete with rice, the shredded pork mix and an array of salsas and toppings.

I'd love to hear your tips and tricks on stretching your grocery budget or how you creatively incorporate leftovers into a second meal or three.  Happy Wednesday!


LeAnna said...

I'm a fan of leftovers, too! But, sadly, my man is not so I have to be creative. If I make a pan of lasagna, I immediately put half of it in the freezer to pull out another day. Hub's never knows it was leftover. :) I make a huge crock pot of beans and instead of eating plain beans for days, we'll eat beans one night and then I'll take the leftovers and make chili to serve over chili dogs. I usually have enough to freeze a few bags for quick chili dog lunches. Things like that. I love making up a few pork roasts and making pulled pork starter. We eat it one night, again, freeze the rest to pull out later. So, I do the leftover thing, too - I just do a lot of freezing and bring it out a week later for a quick meal! Keeps the hubby from getting burnt out on meals we love.

The Hursts said...

I always have left over meat/rice combo when I do stuffed peppers... I throw it in the freezer and take it back out for lunch one day. I saute it in the skillet, add pepperjack cheese and fresh tomatoes to eat with chips- taco salad style!