Monday, January 27, 2014

Changing brands

My sweet husband has been more than helpful around the house lately.  Be it a "honey do" project such as hanging up shelves or washing dishes after dinner, he has totally stepped up his game.  To be honest, I had to ask him if he felt like I wasn't doing enough and that's why he felt he had to step in.  Exactly the opposite.  He said he felt like I had more than enough to do and he felt he could lighten my load by helping out.  I know I 'm bragging, but I am so grateful for my husband and the ways he shows me he cares.  These small tasks mean a lot since one of my primary love languages is acts of service.

This brings me to a recent night of washing dishes that gave us both a good belly laugh.  I am not a loyal buyer of any one brand of dish washing detergent; I typically buy the brand that is on sale at Costco be it the name brand or Kirkland.  The last mega pack we had contained little gel packs where all you  had to do was pop one in the dishwasher and turn it on.  I bought a new mega pack of a different brand the key change being that the new packets were wrapped individually so you need to unwrap each one before throwing it in the dishwasher. Hubby thought this difference was inconsequential.  I hope I used that word right.

After said night of dish washing I open the door to unload our warm dishes and find that the little silver packet of soap is still sitting in the bottom of the dishwasher.  Totally unaffected by the high temperature and streaming water that apparently were solely responsible for cleaning our dishes.  I point this out, we both have a good laugh, and go about our business.  The funny part?  He did the same exact thing a few weeks later claiming he forgot once again.  Cue really good belly laugh.

I love that man.  I really do:)  Especially when he does the dishes and makes me laugh really hard.