Friday, January 31, 2014

Katherine is 7-no-8 months!

2013 came and went without a hitch, except for posting my sweet little daughter's memorable milestones at 7 months.  It's a good thing there are no rules to blogging because as soon as I make a decision in  my head about posting more, seasons like the holidays come and go and I essentially stop blogging for several weeks. Enough on that though and onto the subject of today's post.

Miss Katherine Beth has recently gone through a growth spurt and while I don't know her actual weight and length statistics, she seems to be growing longer and longer.  She is still one of the sweetest, most laid back babies I have ever known and I love watching HB dote on her.  She finds her big brother absolutely hilarious and now giggles and snorts and growls at him across the dinner table and often when she is in the swing.  He loves to run around in front of her which just tickles Miss K to no end.

She is finally able to hold herself up sitting and really enjoys the exer-saucer (pictured above).  She is just now starting to push herself in circles - well, no circles yet, but little pushes nonetheless.  She is eating Cheerios in this picture, thanks to HB.  He just gave them to her like it was no big deal.  Sometimes I wonder what other snacks he might have passed along to her when I wasn't noticing.  She has her two center bottom teeth and overall she is a great eater; she loves most all purees and is cute as a button when she smacks her lips like she is actually chewing.  I provide plenty of "real" food in addition to the purees so she can practice feeding herself and experience different textures.  She really loves chewing on a piece of steak, she loves avocado and really enjoys noodles and veggies from the various soups she has tried.

When we take Katherine outside she growls like crazy with excitement.  She loves when the leaves rustle and is absolutely mesmerized by any type of animal - you can see my dog is also quite infatuated with her (or the snack in her hand) in the picture above.  My dog would love to lick her face all day long but thankfully I run interference on that.  Just the other day Katherine got an awesome hold on Johnnie Reb's ear and was ready to put it in her mouth to investigate this object a little further when I promptly removed it.  Johnnie Reb didn't seem to notice or mind one bit.

She can't believe she is 8-months either!

Katherine sleeps like a champ at night but leaves a little to be desired during daytime napping.  She goes to bed at 6:30pm or a little after and wakes around 6am, give or take.  She has been known to sleep in until 7am a time or two!  She takes a short morning nap and then a nice afternoon nap at the same time as HB.  This afternoon nap time with both of them going down at the same time is my favorite time of day, lol!

I am already getting a little sentimental about her first birthday coming up although we still have another four months.  I am really, really enjoying this stage with both of my kids and am grateful for new chances each day to snuggle my children and show them how much I love them.