Monday, March 25, 2013

HB at 11 months

I realize my last monthly post of HB was only two weeks ago, but it was two weeks late, so this post seems early but it's actually on time!  I hope that wasn't confusing...

At 11 months, my sweet son is:
-Cruising around furniture with quick efficiency.
-Trying to crawl away from me anytime a door opens or we are outside or any new place for that matter.  If he hears me coming or suspects I am chasing him he puts his head down and bores full speed ahead.  It  is cute however it would probably be cuter if I weren't chasing him at 32 weeks pregnant:)
-Eating table food quite well.  He enjoyed sloppy joes and corn last night!
-Starting to say "dada" but hasn't connected the word with the person...yet.
-Waving good bye, mostly to daddy, but occasionally other people too.
-Clapping with some encouragement! 
-"Mooing" when he hears our actual cattle balling or when we read something and I mimic a cow.  He doesn't quite say "moo" but he makes a low "mmm" sound.  I love it!

Enjoy the pictures - it's been a full couple of weeks around here as we prepare for his first birthday party and attempt to cross lots of "honey do" projects off of hubby's list before baby girl arrives in late May!

HB's chair photo at 11 months.  He likes to show off his "moves" rather than sit still for a picture!
Isn't tortoise riding an event at the National Finals Rodeo?  Well, maybe not, but we sure had fun watching this tortoise take HB for a spin! 
Posing with Mama after she scooped him out of the corn "patch" in our garden.  We had just watered it and he loved the cool, moist ground.  The sprouting corn did not love him as much.
Helping daddy plant the tomatoes and water them.  HB loves tomatoes!

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