Sunday, March 17, 2013

More than I can ask...

I was recently convicted of my need to record the good things the Lord is doing in my life so I can reflect back on these answers to prayers and blessings when I'm in those "valleys" and my memory is more like that of a goldfish.

Kelly and I along with my immediate family have been planning a trip back to Montana for my grandmother's memorial service this spring.  During my first attempt to purchase a ticket using Delta Skymiles I discovered my maiden name was still on my account which would only allow me to purchase a ticket under my maiden  name.  No bueno.  Two weeks later, after submitting a copy of my marriage license and the proper letter to Delta, my name has been updated.  However the minimum number of Skymiles required per ticket jumped by 10,000 for a total increase of 20,000.  Another no bueno mostly because this was going to require purchasing the additional 20,000 Skymiles for approximately $700.  I was heartbroken and frustrated with myself for not checking into these details much earlier.  We were going to have to take the $700 out of savings to make the trip.  After talking to Kelly, discussing the option of driving from Arizona to Montana and back in the time frame of three days, we decided to check our flight options one more time before making a purchase.  And you'll never believe what I discovered this morning: the Skymiles required to travel this morning had decreased by 15,000 for each ticket. 

Wow!  Praise the Lord for he always delivers more than I can ask for or imagine.  And He cares about the details of my life, even the details that I procrastinate on. 


The 6 of Us said...

I love it when we are able to see God working in the details of our lives, for His glory! Thanks for sharing! Safe travels!

Amy Gerak said...

Awesome!! :)