Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Meatloaf & Time Saver Tips

Whatcha Making Wednesday: Meatloaf

I don't know about you but I LOVE meatloaf!  My mom developed my affinity for this gourmet delight and I still aspire to make meatloaf as well as her.  I have already posted one meatloaf recipe this year so I am only going to share that I made meatloaf last night and we had it again for lunch today.  (Side bar: HB also loves meatloaf.  He tore up lunch today - most of the meatloaf on his plate actually ended up and STAYED in his mouth as opposed to on my floor.  You gotta love helping a 10 month old learn to eat.)  I did try a different recipe out of a new cookbook that I have and it turned out fairly well.  A tad on the salty side but sometimes I go little crazy when adding salt and pepper.

As Baby Girl's due date looms on the horizon (11 1/2 weeks left...) I am starting to try to make and freeze a few meals that will make my transition from a household of 4 to 5 a tad less stressful.  I am not going out of my way to do this, but while making freezer friendly meals I try to double the recipe so we can eat one now and freeze one for later.  My gracious hubby helped me actually triple a lasagna recipe two weeks ago so we could eat one, freeze one and deliver one to a couple in Buckeye who just had their first baby.  Tripling the recipe sounded easy until I looked at the pile of dishes we had to do but in the end I was glad we did it all at once.  On this note of saving time, I ended up tripling my meatloaf recipe last night so we could do the same thing: eat one, freeze one and well, freeze a second one.  The cookbook I used suggested a variation of using the meatloaf for bell pepper stuffing and I thought that was brilliant.  So now I have two more meals frozen and ready to go post delivery of Baby Girl.

I am looking for your suggestions friends - what are some of your freezer friendly meals and time saving tips in the kitchen? 


Unknown said...

as for what i freeze a lot:
-pasta sauce! and meatballs (same concept as meatloaf)you will still have to boil noodles the day you want to eat, but the sauce/meat part is done.
-chili/beef stew (maybe not what you will want to pull out in may after the baby is born, though...)
-broccoli casserole
-chicken divan
-cooked, shredded chicken and browned ground beef (can be seasoned ahead of time with taco seasoning, etc.. or pulled out for tacos/quesadillas, casseroles, etc)
hmm... thats all i can think of for now. i freeze a lot of stuff for Jeremy when i go out of town

Amy Gerak said...

Love meatloaf, too! :)

Kaley Badger said...

Lasagna is my fav to freeze. But have also frozen BBQ Beef, chicken pot pie, and soups are aleways good.

The 6 of Us said...

LOVE freezer meals! I started just like you; doubling meals here and there. I have a book, "Don't Worry, Dinner's in the Freezer," that has been especially helpful. I also like to cook one day with a friend and knock out several weeks to a month's worth of food. Having a buddy makes it fun, keeps you going and helps with the clean up! I did an entire blog post about it all a long time ago. It's really a blessing to be able to pull something out of the freezer instead of panicking at 4pm. Praying the end of your pregnancy goes smoothly!