Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Happy 2nd Anniversary

Note: I scheduled this post about two weeks ago knowing that baby K's due date fell four days before our anniversary.  I am hoping she is here by the time this is published. 

Two years of marriage have flown by - who knew it would go by so fast?  My husband has truly been an unexpected gift from God because I never expected to get married (note to self: I should do a post on that someday).  Has it all been easy? No.  Has it all been worthwhile.  Definitely. 

Kelly - I am so blessed by your hardworking nature and the sincerity with which you approach all relationships. You are talented beyond words and I love seeing the way your problem solve and create with your hands.  You surprise me all the time with interesting pieces from your past and you make me laugh at the most hill-billiest of things.  I look forward to the next year of marriage with you, not to mention the following 57 after that!

Happy wedding day!
Happy one year! This was taken on our first date after having our son one month before this anniversary.

Easter 2013 - we are now a family of 3 1/2 as we approach our second anniversary! Hopefully a family of four...c'mon on baby K!


LeAnna said...

Happy Anniversary! You two sure make pretty babies! ;)

Jennifer said...

Happy Anniversary!

Amy Gerak said...

Happy Anniversary to an amazing couple! Love you both!! :)

Unknown said...

happy anniversary! what an amazing 2 years you two have had. we just love you guys and enjoy reading all of your witty and thoughtful posts, especially about your precious family.