Sunday, May 12, 2013

HB's First Birthday - A Day at the Farm

We had fun celebrating HB's first birthday by having family and friends over for lunch.  Kelly pit barbecued beef and lamb - we had a ton of beef short ribs in our freezer and they turned out super tender along with a the few beef roasts and legs of lamb we mixed in. My sister made her awesome crock pot beans and my mom contributed the world's best potato salad.  We ended up  having way too much food but really enjoyed the company of  everyone who came.  I think my favorite contribution to lunch was the relish "tray" I made using a box of wide-mouthed pint mason jars.  I filled each jar with various veggies and then served them in the box - I thought it was an interesting way to display the veggies.

I was really looking forward to getting some fun pictures of HB eating his cake and as usual the little ham cooperated and put on a big smile for the camera!  Grandpa bent down to see how the cake was and HB was very sweet and fed him some cake.  However, when I bent down to see how it was he threw cake at my face.  What an angel, right?  I made a coca-cola cake, which tastes great, but isn't that great for layering because it is very dense.  It was supposed to look like a farm field to go along with our farm theme which I guess was kind of realistic after the frosting was goopy and the cake crumbs I was going to press on were kind of spotty.  Oh well, he loved eating it and I think everyone else did too!


agrocks said...

Looks like a super fun day with perfect weather and company. Glad you were able to celebrate this first year together. Hugs, friend!!!

Amy Gerak said...

Awesome pics!! Just wish we could have been there! Love you! :)