Friday, May 24, 2013

Is today the day?

Today is baby Katherine's official due date folks: May 24!  Since I am putting this post together a few days early I'm not sure if she has arrived...or not.  In my opinion, most likely not.  She seems pretty happy right where she is at and enjoys making me uncomfortable, giving me heart burn and terrible leg cramps at night.

I asked family and friends to weigh in on their estimated due date and her weight - I wanted to record what everyone guesstimated for future prosperity of course! If you were not on the email I sent out, or did not respond, and would like to, feel free to leave your guesses in the comments section.  If you are interested in a little perspective from HB's delivery, my contractions started on his due date but then it took me almost 48 hours before delivering (45.5 hours!) and he weighed 8 pounds 14 ounces, so apparently I grew a chunky monkey that took awhile to convince it was time to come out!

May 17 VerRona (sorry friend, this date has sadly come and gone!)
May 19 Uncle Paul
May 21 Stephanie
May 22 Amy G.
May 23 Greta
May 25 Becca M./Kir/Sherry/Grandpa G.
May 26 Carrie Pedreiro
May 27 Aunt Anna Banana/Grandma G.
May 28 Ann/Daddy aka Kelly
June 1 Holly ( surely hope she comes before this!)

Weight (bless everyone who guessed less than 8 pounds!):
7lbs 5oz Sherry/Becca M.
7lbs 8oz VerRona
7lbs 10oz Ann/Carrie Pedreiro
7lbs 12oz Sarah Schroder
8lbs 1 oz Grandma G.
8lbs 2oz Greta
8lbs 3oz Kir/Stephanie/Holly/Amy G.
8lbs 4 1/2oz Grandpa G.
8lbs 8oz Daddy aka Kelly
9lbs 1oz Aunt Anna Banana (My sister said she was being realistic...but 9+  pounds sounds terrible!)

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LeAnna said...

But, but, but I've seen proof she's here via Instagram!!! ;) Congrats, Mama. She's a CUTIE, and I hear she has a head full of hair like her bubba. Can't wait to hear more about it. Hope you all are settled in at home and doing well.